The need for leadership comes up everywhere you look. From that kindergarten child who gets to "lead" the line to recces, to the person who becomes Chief of the fire department, to the CEO of a "Fortune 500" company, to the boy who has to run his family business. Alpha Phi Omega realizes this need for leaders and strives to provide numerous ways to not only learn how to be a good leader, but to actually become one. Here are some of the ways Alpha Epsilon Beta chapter enables you to hone the skills necessary to become someone great. 

Created by Alpha Phi Omega's National Office, L.E.A.D.S. is separated into five different courses: Launch, Explore, Achieve, Discover, and Serve. These courses are designed to foster leadership skills not only within our fraternity, but also to be extended into your daily life. These courses all focus on a different aspect of leadership in order to harness these skills in an individual and successful way, while being both fun and challenging. 


At Alpha Epsilon Beta Chapter brothers are able to plan and offer workshops to our brothers. These workshops allow our brothers to learn different skills and practice their leading abilities while running a workshop. These workshops range from "How to Knit," "Officer Information," and "Opera Workshop." 


Alpha Phi Omega is home to over 400,000 members, with nearly 400 chapters nation wide. Alpha Espilon Beta Chapter resides in Region V- Section 56 of this massive brotherhood. Within the section there are five different chapters. Within all of this their are tons of different people with all different interests. However, we share one common interest for sure; and that is a love for Alpha Phi Omega. There is never a dull moment in Alpha Phi Omega and we have all developed friendships that will last a lifetime. But in case you haven't bought it yet, here are some of the specific fellowship events we host.


Frisbee, Food, and FELLOWSHIP!!!!!! This is exactly what it sounds like, we bring tons of brothers from chapters all over the section and get together to enjoy Food, Fellowship, and Frisbee! Hosted on our pavilion, we welcome all brothers to have some burgers throw some frisbees and enjoy great company.

Game Nights

We bring all of our brothers together to play all sorts of board games, card games, and the always competitive "Catchphrase." 

Toledo Zoo Lights

An amazing experience for all chapters in our section to see the dazzling light show at the Toledo Zoo. 


Service is at the the core of this organization. Our brothers have a core philosophy of offering service to humanity based on the Scout Law. We provide service to our campus, our community, our fraternity and our nations. Below is a list of just some of the service events that we host, although we host many more as well.  

The Puppy Project

This year we teamed up with the Humane Society of Allen County. The Humane Society is an organization that we care deeply about and they are struggling. With the news that the Humane Society would be closing there doors soon if they did not start getting some help and donations, we took to the fraternity to do some brainstorming. We had been doing service with the shelter for a semester already and decided to do all we could to help them.