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Food Bank Registration Directions 2012-2013
New users will just need to sign up by visiting the website at and then follow the steps below once they have completed registration.

Returning users
Login-in to your VolunteerHub user account by
Once logged-in, select the “Your Account” field at the top of the main page
Select the next button when prompted for password verification
Enter the join code “UD003” when prompted
Verify group name of “UD Alpha Phi Omega”
Scroll down and select the next button until you are taken back to the main page

Now your are registered with the group and are ready to sign up for their time slot:

Scroll down to a date (provided via schedule) on the main page
Click on the “sign up” button next to the event titled “Evening Volunteer Room Volunteer (Newark)”
Select the next button
Select “UD Alpha Phi Omega” as group affiliation, then select the next button
Select the finish button
All registrants will receive a confirmation email

Zeta Sigma Chapter Blog - Posted by Katie Baxa on February 26, 2013 at 4:26pm
Listed below you will find the information about items that will be collected during Drives collection:

Clothing: 5 articles of clothing= 0.5 Service Hours 

Box Tops for Education: 10 tops= 1 service hour 

Can Tabs: 500 tabs= 1 service hour

School Supplies: 5 supplies= 1 service hours (5 pencils does NOT count)

Ink Cartridges (Used NOT New): 1 cartridge= 1 service hour

Donating Blood: 1 hour (documentation needed)

Canned Food: 5 cans= 1 hour

Drives Collection Dates will be announced in chapter at least 2 weeks prior to the collection date.

Zeta Sigma Chapter Blog - Posted by Katie Baxa on September 20, 2012 at 8:24pm
Zeta Sigma Risk Management Policy

Alpha Phi Omega

Zeta Sigma Chapter

Individualized Risk Management Policy

I.                   Purpose:

a.       This document outlines the risk management policies of our chapter and the expectations of each brother (and pledge) in regard to these policies, during the course of undergraduate membership.

b.      In addition to this publication, the Zeta Sigma Chapter By-Laws, National By-Laws, and The Standard Policy of Risk Management contain regulations and policies that pertain to the local and national organization. Each brother is expected to read, understand, and abide by these documents; these are the tenets, rules, and responsibilities associated with being a brother of Alpha Phi Omega.

II.                Hazing

a.       Zeta Sigma does not condone hazing in any form. As defined by, The Standard Policy of Risk Management, hazing activities include (but not limited to):

                                                              i.      Any action taken or situation created, intentionally, whether on or off fraternity premises or during fraternity functions, to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule. Such activities may include but are not limited to the following: use of alcoholic beverages; paddling in any form; branding; creation of excessive fatigue, physical or psychological shocks; quests; treasure hunts; scavenger hunts, road trips; or any other such activities carried on in the name of the Fraternity; wearing of public apparel which is conspicuous and not normally in good taste; engaging in public stunts and buffoonery; morally degrading or humiliating games and activities; and any other activities which are not consistent with fraternal law, ritual or policy or the regulations and policies of the educational institution and local, state and federal laws. (Article I)

III.             Harassment, Abuse, and Discrimination

a.       The Zeta Sigma Chapter has a zero tolerance policy for any type of harassment, including any form of abusive or discriminatory behavior in respect to sex, race, ethnicity, disability, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, and/or religious affiliation

b.      Harassment, Abuse and Discrimination includes any behaviors that create an unpleasant or hostile situation by uninvited or unwelcomed conduct in regards to the aforementioned categories.

c.       All members are to abide by local, state and federal laws in regard to this topic.

d.      Types of harassment include put are not limited to:

                                                              i.      sddssdfdsf

e.       Any harassment, abuse, or discrimination is grounds for expulsion from the chapter and possible legal action. Any member who feels he or she has been harassed, abused, or discriminated against should consult the President and Sergeant-at-Arms. The consultation will be kept confidential. It is the above-mentioned parties responsibility to assist the member in taking the proper action.

IV.             Contractual and Financial Issues

a.       The chapter is not permitted to enter into a contract or financial agreement using the specific name of Alpha Phi Omega.

b.      This includes, but is not limited to:

                                                              i.      Leases

                                                            ii.      Contracts

                                                          iii.      Hotel or banquet contracts

                                                          iv.      Liability releases

                                                            v.      Account agreements

V.                Alcohol and Drugs (Substance Abuse)

a.       Letter Policy

                                                              i.      Members shall not wear any Alpha Phi Omega clothing at any event where alcohol is being consumed

                                                            ii.      Brothers shall not wear any Alpha Phi Omega jewelry (e.g. service pins) while consuming alcohol in a public establishment, except in a formal setting.

b.      Alcohol Policy

                                                              i.      The possession, use and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages, during any Fraternity event (this includes any event that an observer would associate with the fraternity or that is in any way sponsored by the fraternity) must be in compliance with any and all applicable laws, policies and regulations of the state, county, city and institution of higher education.

                                                            ii.      At any event where alcohol is present there will be an alternative beverage for any minors and those who do not wish to drink. A wristband or mark on the hand will indicate whether or not a person is of legal age to consume alcohol.

                                                          iii.      Any member who consumes alcohol and subsequently causes damage or injury is fully liable for those actions. Alcohol will not be served to any member who is deemed to be physically intoxicated. Any brother who is deemed to be a threat to their personal safety or the safety of others will be removed from the premises.

                                                          iv.      Zeta Sigma and its guests are expected to uphold the integrity of the Chapter at all times. Members will be fully responsible for the actions of their guests and making sure that they too uphold the positive image of Alpha Phi Omega. Failure to comply with this policy may result in disciplinary action against the member.

                                                            v.      Alpha Phi Omega strongly discourages, but does not prohibit, the consumption of alcohol by pledges in the company of brothers in public or in private.

                                                          vi.      Alcohol shall not be used or condoned as part of the chapter’s RUSH program.

                                                        vii.      Chapter funds shall not be used to purchase alcohol

c.       Drug Policy

                                                              i.      The unlawful possession, sale and/or use of any illegal drugs or controlled substances at any Fraternity event (this includes any event that an observer would associate with the fraternity or that is any way sponsored by the fraternity) is strictly prohibited.

                                                            ii.      A violation of this policy is a violation of the membership policies of Alpha Phi Omega.

VI.             Personal Property

a.       Use of personal property in fraternal activities is voluntary and the responsibility of the owner.

b.      The chapter will not assume liability

VII.          Transportation Issues

a.       Any individual who drives to an APO activity must obey all traffic laws

b.      It is your responsibility to make sure that your car is not overloaded and that it is being driven in a safe manner.

c.       Use of personal cars is voluntary and the responsibility of the owner/driver.

d.      APO will not assume liability for personal vehicles used in conjunction with fraternal events, nor for any resulting damage.

VIII.       General Health and Safety

a.       All activities shall take into account the health and safety of all participants.

b.      Projects and activities must include appropriate personal safety equipment (gloves, etc), training, and supervision.

IX.             Advisors

a.       Advisors and alumni shall adhere to the provisions of this and all applicable policies of the Fraternity.

b.      Advisors and alumni shall recognize the appropriate authority of elected or appointed officers, and shall not engage in activities designed to circumvent fraternity policies.

X.                Education and Rationale

a.       All reasonable efforts will be made to insure that each rushee, pledge, brother, advisor, alumnus, honorary member, etc, shall be instructed on the Risk Management Policies at the beginning of each semester.

                                                              i.      Active members and volunteers will indicate their understanding of and compliance with the Chapter’s unique Risk Management Policy and The Standard Risk Management Policy (by email or signature) bi-annually. Signing of both documents indicates your affirmation and commitment to the policies enumerated within them and should not be done without careful consideration.

                                                            ii.      Reasonably efforts shall be made to inform guests of applicable policies.

b.      This document is extremely important to the functioning of the chapter and wellbeing of its members. It provides Zeta Zigma with the means to protect its members, maintain the integrity of Alpha Phi Omega, and to educate brothers in their individual responsibilities as members of the fraternity.




Zeta Sigma Chapter Blog - Posted by Kristen Ames on September 16, 2012 at 9:24pm
UPDATED Service Guidelines Spring 2013
Zeta Sigma Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity 
at the University of Delaware 
Service Guidelines 2012-2013

1. Each active member must complete 20 service hours, while each Pledge is required to complete 12 service hours per academic semester. Each active member is allowed up to 5 outside service hours and each Pledge is allowed 3 outside service hours per academic semester which MUST be approved by the Service Vice President. 

2. Outside hours must be submitted using the "Outside Service Hours Submission Form," Found on the blog page. All submission forms must be submitted to the Service Vice President within TWO weeks after outside hours were completed. If over winter or summer semester, the submission must be submitted during the first two weeks of the following active semester. Submit in print form ONLY. No emails will be accepted.

3. All Project Assignments will be posted on the APOonline website. All sign-ups MUST be completed using the website, unless approved by the Service Vice President. All assignment instructions will include the name, date and time of the event including break-down of volunteer shifts, a brief description of event and any additional information. All sign ups will be closed 24 hours before the start of the project. Please include ability to drive, email, phone number and also designate whether or not you would like to be a project captain.

4. All drivers will receive an extra half hour for driving to and from any volunteer project. Additional hours may be added for further distanced projects.

5. Project captains are responsible for communicating with the Service Vice President whether or not all those who signed up for the project attended. They must communicate while traveling to the project. 

6. All signups are DEFINITE. Sign Ups will be locked from the creation of the event. If you cannot attend a project within the week of the event, you must find a replacement volunteer. To find a replacement: 1. Contact two different brothers. 2. Post in the APO Facebook Network page and include details of event. 3. contact the Service Vice President or Project Captain. This is especially important if you signed up as a driver.

7. For missed projects without a replacement, volunteers will be deducted 1 hour and drivers will be deducted 2 hours from their overall hour total.

8. All participants should receive an email from the Service Vice President the day before the project with all the event details and a list of those who are going. You should also take note of the event page of who has signed up to drive. If you do not receive an email reminder ASSUME THAT THE PROJECT IS STILL ON. If you are unsure contact the Project Coordinator or Service VP with any questions. Not receiving an email reminder is not a valid excuse for missing a project.

9. If a project is canceled because not enough brothers sign-ip, a driver was not available or the project was canceled more than 24 hours in advance, service hours WILL NOT be distributed. If the project is canceled less than 24 hours in advance for unforeseen circumstances (weather, etc.) brothers WILL receive any hours you signed up for.

10. For fundraisers anything less than $5 is equal to a 1/2 hour of service and anything over $5 is equal to 1 service hour. Note** Must have an itemized receipt to receive service hours and it must be handed into the Service Vice President within 10 days of the fundraiser occurring.

11. Drives collection dates are to be determined by the Service Vice President depending on the calendar of the semester. Items must be brought to designated locations on designated dates. An email must be sent to the Service President including your name, number of items and the number of hours those items are worth. If no email is sent, no credit will be given. Another blog post will be created before the driver collection date specifying what items will be accepted and and what the hour value is for however many items.

12. Hours distributed for Drives Collection and Fundraisers are limited to 3 hours for each category per semester. Safe Rides are limited to less than 10 hours, or less than half of total hours required for the semester.

Any questions, comments, or concerns with the Service Guidelines should be directed to the Service Secretary.

Zeta Sigma Chapter Blog - Posted by Katie Baxa on September 13, 2012 at 7:40pm
Zeta Sigma Chapter Blog - Posted by Alexa Shepherd on September 9, 2012 at 4:27pm
Outside Hours Form

For ALL outside service hours earned. All submission forms must be submitted to the Service Vice President within TWO weeks after outside hours were earned. If over winter or summer semester, the submission form must be submitted during the first two weeks of the following active semester. Please copy and paste the form into a word document, fill out information requested, print and hand into Service VP.

Name: Date:

Phone #: Email:

Name of Organization Service Completed For:


Date(s) Volunteered:     # of hours earned:

Representative Contact Name:  Phone #:

Description of the Volunteer Project and Volunteer Duties:

Please provide some sort of documentation confirming volunteer service and include with form submission. Some examples include: event brochure, pictures, or email confirmation.

Please Contact the Service Vice President with any questions or need for further information.

Zeta Sigma Chapter Blog - Posted by Teresa Riccio on September 4, 2012 at 10:57am