Pledging Information

Fall 2021 Recruitment starts this week!!

Please contact our VP of Membership Isaiah at, if you are interested.

1. Who Are We?
2. What is the Pledging Process Like?
3. What are the Pledge Requirements?
4. When is Recruitment?

1. Who Are We?
Alpha Phi Omega is a national coeducational service fraternity founded on the cardinal principles of leadership, friendship and service. It provides its members the opportunity to develop leadership skills as they provide service to their campus, to youth and the community, to the nation, and to members of the Fraternity. (

We are the Lambda Omicron chapter of Alpha Phi Omega. Our chapter was founded on May 19, 1955 (nationally founded December 16, 1925 at Lafayette College). Our motto is "Be a leader, be a friend, be of service." The fraternity colors are royal blue and old glory gold while our symbols are the golden eagle and sturdy oak tree. Our flower is the forget-me-not and the fraternity jewel is the diamond.

Alpha Phi Omega headquarters is located in Kansas City, MO.

2. What is the Pledging Process Like?

Each semester, Alpha Phi Omega prepares a new group of brothers for active membership through the pledging process. Many info nights are held near the beginning of each semester to encourage new people to pledge APO.

Initiation Ceremonies are held (on multiple evenings to accommodate a large group of pledges), where the pledges swear to uphold the fraternity's cardinal principles of Leadership, Friendship, and Service as they go about their daily lives, and learn the history and functions of the fraternity.

During weekly Pledge Meetings, pledges meet with the pledge educator and are encouraged to fulfill their pledging obligations. Pledges are given a "big" who help them on their way to active brotherhood. They attend events like Pledge/Active Retreat and Pen & Wood so they can get to know other brothers in APO.

Finally, at the end of the semester, they attend interviews with the pledge educator and chapter president to see what they thought of their pledging semester. Pending fulfillment of all requirements (which includes 10 hours of service), they are made active brothers through the Activation Ceremony.

If you have any further questions about the pledging process, please email our membership vice president at

3. What are the Pledge Requirements?

In order to become a full Active, all Pledges must complete the following:

  • 10 hours of service including:
    • 2 HOURS in a Pledge Project
    • 2 HOURS with your "Big"
  • A "key" with signatures of active brothers 
The Fraternity's highest honor is the Distinguished Service Key, which is only given to those brothers who demonstrate "Unselfish Service of the Highest Caliber." The keys on which the pledges collect signatures is made of wood, stained, and modeled after this key.

  • Attendance at fraternity functions 
    1. All Pledge meetings (can be made up with other functions)
    2. 2 Chapter meetings
    3. 1 Committee meeting
    4. Pledge/Active and Pen & Wood
    5. Activation
  • Completion of all quizzes
Simple, short quizzes will be given at pledge meetings regarding the history and goals of the fraternity. They are very easy and study guides are given. Pledges are allowed to retake quizzes until they pass.

4. When is Recruitment?

Recruitment takes place in September during the fall and February during the spring. Please check our event calendar or email our Membership VP for specific dates!