Be a Leader. Be a Friend. Be of Service.

So what exactly are we all about? Alpha Phi Omega is not your average fraternity. There are a few things that set us apart from the rest:

We emphasize service. When most people think of fraternities, they think of social fraternities, in which the greatest emphasis is placed upon a sense of belonging to a group. Parties, flag football, pranks... all fine in their own right. But Alpha Phi Omega has a greater cause: service to our chapter, campus, community, and country. Under the guiding principles of Leadership, Friendship, and Service, Alpha Phi Omega donates countless hours and dollars to different causes every semester.

Everyone is welcome. As a co-ed fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega is not open only to men - anyone is welcome, even if you're in another social fraternity or sorority. We only require that you have an earnest desire to help out those in need.

It's a national organization. Alpha Phi Omega is the largest co-ed service fraternity in the nation, with more than 256,000 members on 687 campuses across the nation.

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