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Gamma Theta Chapter Blog - Posted by Leah Carson on February 28, 2012 at 8:46pm
Gamma Theta Bylaws

Table of Contents

Article I – Membership....... 3

Article II – Officers....... 7

Article III - Duties of Elected Officers....... 8

Article IV - Duties of Pledge Officers....... 13

Article V - Duties of Appointed Officers....... 14

Article VI – Advisors....... 16

Article VII - Nominations, Elections, and Appointments....... 18

Article VIII – Meetings....... 20

Article IX - Executive Committee....... 21

Article X – Sexual Harassment....... 23

Article XI - Standing Committees and Commissions....... 26

Article XII - Dues, Fees, and Assessments....... 27

Article XIII – Amendments....... 28

Constitution and Bylaws....... 29

Standing Rules....... 30

Article I – Membership

Section 1:

It shall be the aim of this chapter to maintain a growing active membership in keeping with the growth of the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Section 2:


A permanent record of pledge, active, associate, advisory and alumni members shall be kept on file in the archives of the chapter. This record shall consist of copies of all pledge, active, advisory, and alumni membership forms sent to the Fraternity and a list of elected and appointed officers for each semester. The Membership Chairperson shall maintain these records.



Section 3: Pledge Membership


This chapter shall require a period of pledge membership before an applicant shall be received into active membership. Pledge membership shall be conferred upon enrolled students at the University of Colorado as stated in the National Bylaws of Alpha Phi Omega.


Clause 1: Pledge Ceremony: Persons shall be pledged into Alpha Phi Omega according to the initiation ceremony provided by the National Fraternity.


Clause 2: Pledge Period and requirements: The pledge period shall be between six and ten weeks in duration to instruct the prospective members of the principles of Alpha Phi Omega and to acquaint the prospectives of our service activities. This period shall consist of the time between an individual’s initiation ceremony and activation ceremony. The pledge period shall be consistent with the national pledging standards. Pledges shall be required to complete the following requirements prior to activation:

1. Pledges will be required to complete at least sixteen (16) hours of service, a minimum of thirteen (13) of which must be in Alpha Phi Omega sponsored events. The Pledge Project shall be included as service hours within A.P.O. Service hours for the chairing of projects shall be allocated at the joint discretion of the Service Chair, Pledge Chair, and Vice-President.
2. Attend two (2) Alpha Phi Omega sponsored fellowship events. One of these should ideally be retreat.
3. Maintain one scheduled office hour per week.
4. Attend all pledge meetings.
5. Participate on one standing committee. Certain special committees may be approved by the Executive Committee.
6. Attend at least three active meetings.
7. Organize a Pledge Project (as a class). This can be either a service or fundraising event.
8. Organize a Pledge Challenge as defined in the Standing Rules.
9. Reasonable exceptions to these requirements (e.g., having to work or attend class during the meeting time) shall be defined by the Review Board

10. Pledges will be required to keep notebooks that will contain interviews with actives, advisors, and other pledges, among other things.
11. Pay all fees required by the National Fraternity and Chapter.


Clause 3: Interview: A pledge review board shall be convened towards the end of the pledge period to assess the progress and status of the pledges. Successful completion of this interview will be based upon attendance at the interview and a demonstration of willingness to be part of our organization. Willingness shall be demonstrated by meeting pledge requirements and shall be evaluated by the pledge review board. The pledge review board shall consist of the current Pledge Chairperson(s), President, Vice-President, Service Chairperson(s), Fellowship Chairperson, and the Pledge’s Big Brother. In the event that an individual can not serve on the review board, the President will select a replacement.


Clause 4: Master Pledging: Pledges who do not activate shall be given the opportunity to extend their pledging period through the following pledge period. All activities undertaken during the previous pledge period(s) will carry forward until all requirements have been met.


Clause 5: Activation: Activation shall be according to the activation ceremony provided by the National Fraternity.



Section 4: Active Membership:


Active membership may be conferred upon any student enrolled at the University of Colorado who have successfully completed a membership education program in accordance with the National Pledging Standards and Membership Policies for the Fraternity. An active member may remain in good standing if he or she completes the following requirements per semester and pays all required dues. Members that do not complete these requirements will be classified as associate members. Associate members do not have privileges to vote or hold an office. Active Requirements shall be:

1. 16 Hours of community service (not necessarily with Alpha Phi Omega)
2. One Alpha Phi Omega event (service, fundraising, fellowship).
3. One Fundraising event or serve on the fundraising committee
4. And any one of the following
• One office hour per week
• Serve on a committee


Clause 1: Service to the fraternity may count for half time and may only count for up to 8 hours of the required 16.


Clause 2: Members may choose to be classified as an Associate member for a period of time if they feel they will not be able to meet the above requirements and shall notify the membership chair as soon as possible.


Clause 3: The membership chair shall continually maintain a list of active and associate members each semester. This list shall be available during all chapter meetings.



Section 5: Associate Membership


Associate membership may be conferred upon any active member who finds it necessary to cease full involvement in Chapter affairs, or does not complete their active requirements. The Membership Chair may change an active member to an associate member for any of the following reasons:
1. Temporary leave of absence from the University, but still considered an enrolled student according to the University Registrar.

2. The member did not fulfill his/her active requirements the previous semester, as determined by the Membership Chairperson.
3. The member failed to pay the necessary dues required to remain an active member.
4. Exception: if the member was absent from the chapter due to being enrolled in a University-sponsored study abroad program, the member may return to the chapter as an active member. He/she may be nominated for office while abroad if he/she writes a speech that is read on his/her behalf at elections.

Associate members may participate in chapter activities and projects, but may not hold an elected or appointed position within the chapter. Associate members have a voice but no vote in all chapter proceedings. Associate members are not required to pay dues.



Section 6:


Advisory Membership: Advisory Membership may be conferred upon persons approved by the Chapter to serve on the Advisory Committee and who have completed the necessary forms and submitted them to the National Office. Advisory Members shall have all rights and privileges of Active Membership except those of voting, directing the supervision of pledges, and directing the establishment of Pledge or Active Membership programs and policies. The only Chapter officer position Advisory Committee Members can hold is the office of the Chair of the Advisory Committee. Such Membership may not be conferred upon undergraduate students.



Section 7:


Alumni Membership: Upon leaving their respective academic institution as a result of graduation or termination of student status, all who have held Active, Associate, Advisory, or Honorary Membership in the Chapter and who have not been suspended or expelled by the Chapter or the National Fraternity, shall be recognized as Alumni Members. Alumni members may participate in chapter activities at the request of the active membership, and may not hold an elected or appointed office, with the exception of those alumni who meet the definition of advisory membership in Section 6.


Section 8:


Suspension of Membership: For just cause and after due deliberation a member may be suspended from the chapter by the affirmative vote of three-fourths (3/4) of the active chapter present at any regularly scheduled meeting at which quorum prevails. A suspended member may apply for reinstatement by presenting his case before a regularly scheduled meeting at which quorum prevails. Reinstatement requires an affirmative vote of three-fourths (3/4) of the active chapter present; the decision of the active chapter shall be final.

Clause 1: Suspension of membership shall be used only for disciplinary reasons (e.g., a member assaults another member or steals from the chapter).

Clause 2: Suspension of membership shall not be used as a means to solve personal conflict.

Clause 3: In the case of sexual harassment complaints or reports per Article X, a member may be suspended from the chapter by the affirmative vote of three-fourths (3/4) of the Executive or appointed special committee, by secret ballot.

Clause 4: prior to consideration of Suspension of Membership the President shall notify in writing the Section 30 Chair and the Region 8 Director. Any decision to suspend membership shall be sent in writing to the Section 30 Chair, Region 8 Director, and National Office.

Article II – Officers


Section 1:


Elected Chapter Officers: The elected officers of this chapter shall be a President, Vice-President, Service Chairperson(s) [no more than two], Fellowship Chairperson, Pledge Chairperson(s) [no more than two], Treasurer, Secretary, Sergeant-at-Arms, Membership Chairperson, Merit Badge University Chairperson(s) [no more than two], Historian [no more than two], Fundraising Chairperson, and Public Relations Chairperson.



Section 2:


Elected Pledge Class Officers: The elected officers of the pledge class shall be a President, Vice-President, Pledge Project Chair [no more than two], and Pledge Challenge Chair [no more than two], and Secretary. These officers are to be elected by the pledge class.



Section 3:


Appointed Officers: The appointed officers of this chapter shall be a (an) Theta Thinker Editor, Scout Liaison, Sectional Representative, Service Assistant, Alumni Secretary, Brotherhood Coordinator, Awards Chairperson, Warm Fuzzy Chairperson, Formal Chairperson, and Webmaster. The President may appoint additional officers as needed according the applicable standing rule(s). The chapter reserves the right to approve or deny any appointed officer.


Article III - Duties of Elected Officers


Section 1:


Any Executive Committee member who fails to fulfill his duties as prescribed in these bylaws may be subject to removal from office.



Section 2:


Elected officers are required to attend all chapter and Executive Committee meetings. In the event of an absence, he must inform the President before the meeting, barring extenuating circumstances.

Section 3:


All elected officers are responsible for communication to the Executive Committee a general plan and a written budget for carrying out their duties. This must occur prior to the second chapter meeting of the semester.



Section 4:


Elected officers shall be held accountable for the duties that are unfulfilled by their appointee. In the case of such unfulfilled duties, the elected officer shall appoint a replacement to fulfill those duties.



Section 5: President


The President shall give supervision to the chapter and its officers and see that the constitutional duties and obligations, both National and Local, are fulfilled. He/she shall call and preside at all meetings of the chapter, serve as chair of the Executive Committee, preside at all chapter ceremonies, serve as a member of the Advisory Committee, and coordinate the functions of all chapter officers. He/she shall appoint all committees chairpersons as necessary for the benefit of the chapter. She/he shall have a basic knowledge of parliamentary procedure and Robert’s Rules of Order. Each spring semester the President shall assist the Treasurer in the preparation of a proposal to the Student Organization Committee, to solicit student funds as needed. Along with the Sergeant at Arms, she/he will thoroughly clean and reorganize the Alpha Phi Omega office every semester. If he/she is unable to do so, she/he will appoint another person. He/she shall maintain the chapter e-mail account and make sure it is checked and cleared weekly while archiving important or historical letters. He/she shall maintain the e-mail server lists (actives, exec, and pledges) to reflect the directory maintained by the Membership Chairperson. He/she shall perform such other duties as her/his office may require.



Section 6: Vice-President


The Vice-President shall perform all presidential functions in the absence of the president. The Vice-President is responsible for appointing all officers who are not appointed by other chairs, subject to chapter approval, including the Scout Liaison, Section Representative, Awards Chairperson, Warm Fuzzy Chairperson, and Webmaster. He/she shall monitor the actions of the appointed officers, and carry out such other assignments as the President may designate. The Vice-President is responsible for facilitating communication between the active chapter and the Executive Committee, by whatever means he/she deems fitting (e.g., Review Boards, sessions in meetings, telephone surveys). He/she is responsible for coordinating with chapter officers to determine and present excellence awards and cardinal honors.



Section 7: Service Chairperson(s)


The Service Chairperson(s) shall be responsible for coordinating all service projects. She/he shall chair the Service Committee and appoint project directors to head a project when needed. He/she shall correspond with persons and organizations that have cooperated in the chapter service program. The Service Chairperson(s) shall appoint a Service Assistant to assist with the duties of his/her office.



Section 8: Fellowship Chairperson


The Fellowship Chairperson shall be responsible for the fellowship activities of the chapter. He/she shall chair the Fellowship Committee. The Fellowship Chair shall appoint a Formal Chairperson each spring semester to oversee the planning of the chapter's annual Spring Formal.



Section 9: Pledge Chairperson(s)


The Pledge Chairperson(s) shall serve as advisors to the pledge class, providing opportunities to learn about the history and principles of the local and national fraternity. The Pledge Chair(s) are responsible for assisting the pledge class in its integration into the active chapter. He/she shall be responsible for coordinating and executing Rush and Retreat, and conducting pledge meetings until pledge officers are elected. The Pledge Chairperson(s) shall submit a program to the Executive Committee for approval prior to the start of the pledging program and shall appoint a Brotherhood Coordinator to facilitate communication between pledges and actives.



Section 10: Treasurer


The Treasurer shall receive all money of the chapter and keep an accurate record thereof. She/he shall make all payments of chapter accounts. She/he shall keep an accurate record of the payments made by each individual member of the chapter and give written receipts for all such funds. She/he may have to prepare an annual tax return and file it with the Internal Revenue Service. Each spring semester the Treasurer shall prepare a proposal to the Student Organizations Committee to solicit student funds as needed. At the end of the semester the treasurer shall close the books. Half of all funds in excess of $3,000 shall be designated for the purpose of funding the National Convention Delegates. Authorized signers will be updated. She/he shall make reports on the condition of the chapter treasury to the chapter and to the Executive Committee. He/she shall deposit the funds of the fraternity to the appropriate authorized accounts. Upon demand she/he shall present to any active member a balance sheet showing all current assets and liabilities. He/she will propose a detailed budget for the current semester within the first three active meetings. The chapter must approve this budget before funds may be disbursed (exceptions may be granted by the Executive Committee). All checks shall be deposited within two weeks of receipt.

Section 11: Membership Chairperson


The Membership Chairperson shall keep an accurate record of the present addresses and phone numbers of all members and advisors of the chapter, as well as recording any changes in membership status of members. He/she shall collect all membership dues, pledge and initiation fees and assessments, and transfer said funds to the National Office. An active member list shall be distributed to the chapter by the fourth regular meeting; a pledge member list shall be distributed to the chapter by the sixth regular meeting. She/he shall keep a permanent file of the duplicates of each membership application, beginning with the charter members and including all subsequent members. He/she shall take attendance at regular chapter meetings, and shall carry on all necessary correspondence with the National Office. The Membership Chair shall appoint the Alumni Secretary, who shall work with him/her to maintain contact with alumni.



Section 12: Secretary


The Secretary shall keep and post an accurate written record of the proceedings of all chapter meetings. He/she shall perform all other duties pertaining to the office of Secretary as prescribed by the chapter. The Secretary shall appoint the Theta

Gamma Theta Chapter Blog - Posted by Benjamin Leeds on April 6, 2010 at 12:53am