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Humples T. Camel

Humples the Camel is the Epsilon Psi chapters official mascot. Having a mascot is very common among different chapters of APO across the country. Each chapter has its own traditions regarding their mascot. Originally we had a frog for a mascot however we didn't have a physical stuffed animal to bring to conferences like other chapters. At one of these conferences a few brothers decided to go shopping to try and find a stuffed frog however there was no luck. They went to the stuffed animal section and looked about, they saw a camel with no price listed below him. They took the precious camel to a price check area and scanned his bar code, to their surprise the screen said "Humples" and the price. They decided then and there that Humples had to be the mascot, he has been with us ever since. 
Part of the fun of Humples and of conferences is mascot stealing. The stealing would have its roots in competition and fellowship, as well as a little prank tradition. It’s kind of like capture the flag, or to see if you can protect your belongings, then you ransom it back, which is where the fellowship comes in play (at least in APO tradition). It’s like gavel stealing. Typically a ransom might include planning/attending a fellowship/service event that the stolen mascots chapter would have to attend before getting their mascot back. It’s a good hearted way to promote interchapter relations. 

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