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Humples T. Camel

Humples the Camel is the Epsilon Psi chapters official mascot. Having a mascot is very common among different chapters of APO across the country. Each chapter has its own traditions regarding their mascot. Originally we had a frog for a mascot, but we didn't have a physical stuffed animal to bring to conferences like other chapters. At one of these conferences, a few brothers decided to go shopping to try and find a stuffed frog. However, they had no luck. As they were searching for a frog, they saw a stuffed camel with no price listed below him. They took the precious camel to a price check area and scanned his bar code. To their surprise the screen said "Humples" and the price. They decided then and there that Humples had to be the mascot, and he has been with us ever since. 


How do I join APO? Click the 'Rush Info' tab to learn more about the process!

Who is allowed to join? Anyone and everyone! APO is a gender inclusive fraternity.

What kind of service do we do? We strive to serve our Fraternity, campus, community, and nation. Check out our 'Photos' tab to see some featured service events!

Why should I join APO? APO is for anyone who is passionate about serving and helping others. It is a great way to get to know new people and meet friends that will last a life time. We strive to help our Brothers grow as leaders and provide opportunities for leadership development.

Who should I contact if I have questions? You can email us at kentaphioep@gmail.com!