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Review of IMPACT Webinar - Milena Lai
Listening to the webinar on Scouting and Youth Services, I had the pleaser of hearing Kevin Baldwin present. Kevin is the committee chair for Scouting and Youth Services along with a former APO member at Purdue University. The main purpose of this webinar was to strengthen knowledge between APO and the Youth Service aspect. A lard part of the talk was to discuss goals in the form of project ideas. I learned immensity of the Boy Scout organization, a whopping 2.9 million members along with millions of adult volunteers. Fun project ideas were mentioned, among them are derbys which help spark creativity and engineering skills among the boy scouts, slog with regatta and field days. The girl scouts of America, hold 2.8 million members and growing everyday. Another organization worth mention is Camp Fire which has the main goal of pushing a thriving framework. With this is the ability to identify sparks, growth, goals, and reflection. An important aspect of this topic to not are the awards such as the M. R. Disborough Scouting Service award, given to the chapter that goes above and beyond in their chapter and nearby scouting organization. The more information on scouting we have, the more we can strive to strengthen the connection between our APO chapter and scouting services! 
Beta Beta Chapter Blog - Posted by Megan Rick on April 29, 2015 at 11:31pm