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Welcome Paul Louie Pledge Class!
As the pledging semester begins for the newest pledges of the Alpha Zeta Kappa chapter, we would like to formally welcome the Paul Louies! Alpha Zeta Kappa welcomed 9 pledges into the chapter Sept 15, 2018. That same night all 9 pledges met their big brothers! The Knights, Big Dheils, and Royal Bees grew with the additions of their little brothers. After the ceremonies the families broke off and had family nights in celebration. 
Alpha Zeta Kappa Chapter Blog - Posted by Danielle Vogt on September 16, 2018 at 2:24pm
Welcome to a new historian, Danielle Vogt!
Congratulations to Danielle Vogt on being elected as a historian and being transitioned for 2018-19! 
Alpha Zeta Kappa Chapter Blog - Posted by Lillian Craven on May 6, 2018 at 12:40pm
How to Event Report and Blog
Lillian introduced what an event report does and why we should have our event reports. Then we explored how to find the event reports and how to create event reports. We had a really fun time learning how to use all these skills. Come check it out the next time we have a "How to Event Report" LD!
Alpha Zeta Kappa Chapter Blog - Posted by Ashley Ware on February 21, 2018 at 7:21pm
Officer Transition
Congratulations to our new executive board. Best of luck to the new historian, Lillian Craven!
Ashley Ware
Alpha Zeta Kappa Chapter Blog - Posted by Ashley Ware on May 3, 2017 at 4:54pm
Leadership, Friendship, and Serivce
This week is definitely one for the books. We had many events going on throughout the week such as the Tiny Human Hat Project, Big/Little week, Bylaws Committee #1, and much more!

What is the Tiny Human Hat Project you ask? AZK is partnering with Baptist Health Louisville and Baptist Health La Grange in Louisville to knit or crotchet red hats for babies to bring awareness about heart disease. You may have seen brothers participating in this service project during meeting, classes, and other events. This will continue until February 13th. After the 13th, brothers can still make the hats for donation and can use whatever color they wish. If you want to join the brothers, please contact Emily Nantz.

Brothers have stepped up to the plate here, there and everywhere this week. Brother Kat Davis led discussion and delegated events in the Brotherhood Bonding Committee this past Thursday evening. Brother Emily Nantz brought humor to bylaws as we all became Sheep Herders in training with our first bylaws committee of the semester. And we had brothers helping out in every way they could this past week with our Big/Little events and our second rush week.

Everyone get excited because tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday! Join the brothers in fellowship tomorrow in Library 208. Hope to see you there! 

Yours in LFS,
Ashley Ware #251 
Alpha Zeta Kappa Chapter Blog - Posted by Ashley Ware on February 4, 2017 at 4:46pm
How Much Does A Polar Bear Weigh?
Enough to break the ice! We had a blast last night as we played Ships-and-Sailors, Mr. Game Master Sir, the Pterodactyl game, and many more exciting games. We found out how competitive we could be when we had to end Ships-and-Sailors in a four way tie! In Mr. Game Master Sir, we saw how difficult it was to not laugh with our brothers and new friends as they had to pass an invisible ball from person to person. And the Pterodactyl game ended up being a hoot (or a *insert pterodactyl noise here*)! 
We continue with Rush week as we complete a small service project tonight, fellowship with free nachos tomorrow, and create new art pieces at our paint party tomorrow! Can you believe that rush week is almost over? Come out and meet us in Underground Powell tonight at 7pm for some fun service! 
Yours in LFS,
Ashley Ware #251
Alpha Zeta Kappa Chapter Blog - Posted by Ashley Ware on January 25, 2017 at 2:31pm
Rushing to Meet You
Who else is excited for Rush Week? We kick off this week with our Information Night in Underground Powell at 9pm tonight! Then the week continues tomorrow night with fun games to break the ice and meet new people. On Wednesday night, we venture into our third cardinal principal: Service. We will be completing small service projects throughout the night. And get pumped for Thursday night! We will be having a free Nacho Night in Herndon Lounge starting at 7pm. Come eat and play board games with the brothers of APO. We finish off the week with a Paint Party, so bring your creativity and excitement! Come and see the fun and awesome things that make up APO!
Yours in LFS,
Ashley Ware #251
Alpha Zeta Kappa Chapter Blog - Posted by Ashley Ware on January 23, 2017 at 2:14pm
First EBoard Meeting
Last Sunday, our officers got down to business to kick off this semester of Leadership, Friendship, and Service with a little bit of fellowship and food. All officers brought something to snack on as we caught up with each other and shared our plans for the semester. We reminisced over the fun we had at National Convention and spoke about how what we learned can help us in our offices this semester. We ended the meeting finishing off the food, discussing our next steps, and encouraging brothers to bring their best this semester. With the first chapter meeting of the semester being tomorrow, I am excited to see where this semester leads us!
Yours in LFS,
Ashley Ware #251

Alpha Zeta Kappa Chapter Blog - Posted by Ashley Ware on January 22, 2017 at 2:26pm
Welcome Back!
Welcome back brothers! I hope everyone had a wonderful break and is excited to get back into the swing of things. We start off next week with our pre-rush tabling events to get our name out on campus. See all of you soon!
Alpha Zeta Kappa Chapter Blog - Posted by Ashley Ware on January 14, 2017 at 3:20pm
Initiation Weekend Spring 2015!

Last weekend was initiation. For those of us initiating (Congratulations Luke McCain pledge class!!!), it was an experience like none other that will surely excite us for the coming semester.  Friday was a relaxing evening of food, fellowship, and free time. Scoping out trails, playing volleyball, and playing board games were popular activities. Although I am blessed with a glorious talent for sleeping, I am told that many less talented souls – like Sarah – were plagued on Friday night by the cursed lights which came on and off all night, made doubly worse by the freezing temps. Despite this momentary misery, complaining about the lack of sleep turned into an excellent bonding activity the following morning! Except for Rachel, who, despite our efforts for cheerfulness, just wanted coffee.

On Saturday, the group service project was painting a building and signs for Camp McKee. Everyone got to work, did a great job, and got a little – or a lot – dirty along the way! Next, the Luke McCain pledge class experienced the initiation fellowship/leadership activities for the first time. Aside from one very scratched up neophyte (coughcough Jenna), capture the flag was a huge success. The leadership activities also brought out some real leadership potential from many new brothers! Following this, the neophytes got to be the first to try out a new leadership activity, the maze. I think we can all say this helped build our brotherly bonds, leadership and listening skills, and those pre-tan sunburns. The night closed out with pledge bonding and craft making, initiation (finally), snap reading, and a special visit from Pi Omega!

Sunday morning we all worked together to clean up quickly and had an awesome round table discussion between old and new active members! We now have no pledges, but plenty of new active members, and plenty of great new memories to go along with them!

Alpha Zeta Kappa Chapter Blog - Posted by Meg Carter on April 16, 2015 at 12:12am

Twas the week before the pledge test, when all through the campus.                  All the member were stirring, even the advisers.                                           The requirements were all being completed with care, In hopes that Pledge trainers soon would be there.

The pledges were all hustling around with their bigs,                                      While visions of active membership danced in their heads.                              And Cody in his suspenders and actives in their letters                                    Had just settled our brains to prepare for a long membership vote.

 Huge shout out to the Bigs, Membership and Pledge Trainers for doing a great job as always! Best of Luck to everyone during their second membership interview!

 Pledge Spot Light: Ariel Richards

 Ariel Richards is from Paducah, Ky. She will be 19 on September 18. She is majoring in English, when she graduates she plans to pursue a career as an author. Her big is Aaron Ash. She enjoys reading, writing, watching Netflix and playing basketball. Her favorite thing about Alpha Phi Omega is the bonding she has experienced so far and the comforting feeling from the brothers. Her favorite animal is a dog. At home she has two dogs and a lot of cats.

Alpha Zeta Kappa Chapter Blog - Posted by Jessica James on March 16, 2015 at 2:15pm


What is friendship to the Brothers of AZK?

“Friendship is being there for someone regardless of the inconvenience. It is the understanding. It is respect and loving another person.” –Kim D.

“Friendship to me consists of trustworthiness, loyalty, and a willingness to help. Friendship is a bond we are blessed with to help make our days and lives that we live in that much better. “ –Erin Z.

“When I hear the word friendship I think of a person who is always there for you through all of your trials and tributes.” –Cassie B.

“To me friendship is being able to give part of you to someone and trust them with it completely.” –Julie J.

“To have friendship you both have to actually be a friend to one another. Anything else would be false. It can be a rare thing to find, but once you do it is very beautiful and strong.” –Brent R.

As we grow older and mature the people we consider our friends will change. The change could be blamed on many different things, some we can control, some we cannot. Friendship is a vital part of Alpha Phi Omega, which is why it is one of our three cardinal principles. As brothers of Alpha Phi Omega, we are encouraged to not only be a better friend but also to help others be better friends.

Friendship Quote:

“The best type of friends to have are the ones who make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger and live a little better.”

Pledge Spot light:

Jordan Roberts is from Richmond Kentucky. She was born on July 4, 1992 and is currently a Psychology major. Her big is Catie Wells. She enjoys reading, hiking, and taking EKU workout classes. Jordan has two cats and a bearded Dragon. Her favorite thing about APO so far is the people and environment. Her favorite book is Harry Potter and her favorite movie is Due Date. She is looking forward to the service project in Alpha Phi Omega and is excited to be a co-chair for the pledge class service project


Alpha Zeta Kappa Chapter Blog - Posted by Jessica James on March 1, 2015 at 3:05pm

WOW, what an exciting past couple of weeks that AZK has had! Pre-Rush and rush were a huge success. With pledge class beginning I am happy to say that AZK has nearly tripled in size! Starting with 29 brothers last fall, we are proudly standing 80 brothers strong. This is due to the amazing recruitment we have had lead by the wonderful Christi Barker. We could not have done it without you or all the support from all the brothers who came out to all of the events!

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the brothers who received littles this past weekend. There is something beautiful about seeing Bigs meet their littles for the first time! It is amazing to see all of our families grow tremendously! Good luck to all the first time Bigs this semester. Your brothers will support you 110% of the way!

Here is a friendly reminder to be accountable for your actions! We now have 26 pledges with their eyes on the active body. You should strive to be a role model regardless if you are a big this semester or not. With that being said, let’s review what a role model is…

According to Webster, A role model is…

“ a person looked to by others as an example to be imitated.”

To be imitated.. So lets show them how to be leaders, how to be friends, and how to be of service the Alpha Phi Omega way. Here’s to the start of a beautiful journey this semester.

Alpha Zeta Kappa Chapter Blog - Posted by Jessica James on February 9, 2015 at 11:16pm

Welcome back brothers! I hope everyone is getting settled into their classes this semester and hope everyone is happy to be back! I sure know that I am. Winter break was wonderful but was way to long to be away from my brothers. That is why I would like to take the time to say Welcome Back Brothers!!!!

Also a special welcome to the new pledges this semester. The pledging ceremonies went great and I, like every other brother are so proud of the individuals who have decided to join our Fraternity. We welcome you with open arms and hearts and will do whatever we can to support you and just know we are cheering for your success. I can not wait to see each and every brother grow this semester! 

Just remember, You guys are awesome! Best of luck this semester in whatever endeavors you are facing! 
Alpha Zeta Kappa Chapter Blog - Posted by Jessica James on February 2, 2015 at 12:30am
The time has come. For the Kay Krenek pledge class, the journey toward the highest honor in Alpha Phi Omega (active membership) is nearly complete. 

Every Kay Krenek pledge, every big, and our wonderful pledge trainers and membership VP should be incredibly proud to have made it to this point. The growth, as a brotherhood and as individual brothers, of this pledge class is a prime example of what I love most about Alpha Phi Omega; its capacity to make us better through brotherhood. This pledge class has fought incredibly hard to get to this point. There have been struggles, and this pledge class came together as brothers to overcome those struggles. I have seen a pledge class that has grown into a group of people that I will be proud to call active brothers 5 days from now. 

Beyond the happiness for the individual pledge brothers, we should be proud as a chapter. This Saturday, we will initiate one of the largest pledge classes in the history of this chapter. We will nearly double the size of our active brotherhood and help to ensure the future of the chapter. We are losing many of the older brothers this year to graduation, but, through this pledge class, Alpha Zeta Kappa chapter will remain strong and continue to serve. As a chapter, we have been good stewards and prepared this pledge class for active brotherhood, which is one of the most important duties we have. The face of this chapter will change at the end of the spring semester, but I have no doubt that it is being left in capable hands.

And now the fun begins. Initiation is here!!!!! An entire weekend of brotherhood, leading up to the ceremony. Fun and Excitement and Emotion and ALLL THE AΦΩ LOVE! Get excited! Pledges, you have earned this, enjoy it!

Read the minutes, check the events calendar, keep checking the blog
Go forth and do great things
Be a Leader
Be a Friend
Be of Service

Alpha Zeta Kappa Chapter Blog - Posted by Troy Rison on November 10, 2014 at 4:32pm
Halloween Photo Blog
Halloween is my favorite of all holidays and it is a great time for fellowship with brothers. A time to get together and just have fun and enjoy each others costumes and company. This fellowship is a huge part of the basis of brotherhood within Alpha Phi Omega. Fellowship, beyond being fun, helps us bond as brothers, which makes us a much stronger chapter. In honor of that, here are some Halloween fellowship and brother bonding photos.

Read the minutes, check the events calendar, keep checking the blog
Go forth and do great things
Be a Leader
Be a Friend
Be of Service
Alpha Zeta Kappa Chapter Blog - Posted by Troy Rison on November 3, 2014 at 4:41pm
Interchapter Relations: photo blog
On the chapter level, we talk a lot about what brotherhood can do for the individual brother. We talk about the ways that we can all grow and become better brothers and people through brotherhood. We talk about diversity of ideas and how that makes us stronger as a chapter. But this concept does not stop at chapter level. The fact is that we, as a chapter, are not perfect. There is always room for growth and improvement and one way that we can improve is by learning from other chapters. Not only can we learn from other chapters, we can also expand our feeling of brotherhood within Alpha Phi Omega past our chapter. One of the truly special things about brotherhood is that it does not stop on a chapter level. If you come across a Delta Theta brother, they are not just a delta theta brother, they your brother too. You have brothers all across the country and, indeed, all over the world.
So, in honor of that special bond that all brothers, regardless of chapter, have, I present to you some photos of interchapter bonding.

Check out the events calender, read the minutes, keep checking the blog
Go forth and do great things
Be a Leader
Be a Friend
Be of Service
Alpha Zeta Kappa Chapter Blog - Posted by Troy Rison on October 27, 2014 at 3:17pm

One of the cornerstones of brotherhood is tolerance. Within our chapter, I would like to think that everyone understands tolerance on a macro level; in terms of accepting all groups of people. We associate the term with racial/ethnic diversity, sexual orientation, religion (or lack thereof). What tends to be more of a problem is employing it on a micro level; accepting individuals for who they are.

More often than not, conflicts between brothers result not from things as clearly defined as religion or sexual orientation but more from simple personality clashes. These personality clashes can range from complex introvert/extrovert dynamics to something as simple as differing senses of humor. Nearly every brother is going to clash with another brother at some point, especially in a large chapter. There are brothers that will have fundamentally different approaches to every issue; and that is okay. Not only is it okay, it is actually a good thing because it provides us with more ideas and approaches, making us a stronger chapter. Not only is it good for our chapter, it is good for us as individuals. You do not learn anything from someone who has exactly the same ideas as you do. Learning is growth, which is something that all brothers (and all people) should be striving for at all times.

It is also important to remember that brothers with whom you have major personality differences are still your brothers. Brotherhood within Alpha Phi Omega is very similar to having siblings. You don’t get to pick your brothers and often your brothers will annoy you, but they are still your brothers and it is your responsibility to accept them for who they are. Be a friend is part of our motto. That does not just refer to people that mesh with your personality.

While tolerance and acceptance of groups of people is critically important to our chapter, tolerance and acceptance of individuals that you may not get along with on a personal level is equally (if not more) important for our brotherhood.

Check out the events calender, read the minutes, keep checking the blog
Go forth and do great things
Be a Leader
Be a Friend
Be of Service

Alpha Zeta Kappa Chapter Blog - Posted by Troy Rison on October 20, 2014 at 2:33pm

“The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega shall be to assemble college students in a national service fraternity in the fellowship of principles derived from the scout oath and law of the Boy Scouts of America; to develop leadership, to promote friendship, and to provide service to humanity; and to further the freedom that is our national, educational, and intellectual heritage.”

The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega is often thought of as simply service. While service is certainly a huge part of who we are, much of our purpose is about improvement and growth as a fraternity and as brothers. The development of leadership skills through our Leadership Development courses, the promotion of friendship through fellowship events, and providing service are all means of improving ourselves and our chapter. This improvement should always be a goal. Never should we be satisfied with doing just enough in any of the three cardinal principles.

While simply having events centered around each cardinal principle is a means of improvement as individuals and as a chapter, we should also be striving toward improving the events themselves. The better designed an event is, the more it benefits us as a chapter and as brothers.

Improvement takes work. A desire to improve is why we have a Chapter Assessment and Planning Session every semester. CAPS sessions are not fun, they’re long and tedious, but they provide us, through S.M.A.R.T.E.R goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-specific goals that can be Evaluated and Revised), a direction for the following semester to improve our programs on a chapter level.

This desire for improvement is also why we have event reports and why you should do them. Event reports ask us each to reflect upon individual events and look for ways to improve. I know that people think that they are pointless pieces of paper that sit in the Historian’s binder and are just a waste of time, but they are only that way if you let them be. Never have I seen a service event go perfectly. Never once have I been to a fellowship event that couldn’t have been a little bit better. Never once have I seen a Leadership Development course that had no room for improvement. Event reports make us look for ways to improve. Through improving individual events, we improve our programs as wholes. Much of improvement is simply learning from the past and event reports are a way that we can do that. Please do them.

Check the events calender, read the minutes, keep checking the blog
Go forth and do great things
Be a Leader
Be a Friend
Be of Service
Alpha Zeta Kappa Chapter Blog - Posted by Troy Rison on October 6, 2014 at 11:58am
Signature Interviews

It is that time of the semester again; the signature interviews have begun. I know that this seems like a lot to an incoming pledge (especially in such a large pledge class) and it seems a little bit like busywork, but these interviews are huge in the development of our pledges and our chapter

These interviews, first, force us to interact with all of the brothers, including those who we might not have on our own. This interaction is a building block of brotherhood between our pledges and the active chapter. Signature interviews help promote understanding and build connections.

Secondly, they are the introduction of the APhiO philosophy to our pledges. Our personal understandings of leadership, friendship, service and brotherhood inform what kind of brother we become. These interviews are designed to guide our pledges to develop their own interpretation of our philosophy. Our pledges, and actives, must remember that this is not class where the teacher lectures and tells you what the answer is; instead, we want every brother to reach his or her own answers in his or her own way. Each brother will have a different understanding of the philosophy; the only true interpretation is your own. Different interpretations and diverse ideas make us stronger as a chapter.

These interviews are not busywork. They are arguably the most impactful part of the pledging process on what kind of active brother we become and, consequently, what kind of chapter we become. Please take them seriously. I know that it is tempting to rush through them and try to get them over with, but they matter.

Check the events calender, read the minutes, keep checking the blog
Go forth and do great things
Be a Leader
Be a Friend
Be of Service

Alpha Zeta Kappa Chapter Blog - Posted by Troy Rison on September 29, 2014 at 3:03am