Alpha Phi Omega

Alpha Gamma Xi is our chapter of Alpha Phi Omega here at the University of Dayton.  Although we are a fraternity, we have a number of characteristics that set us apart from the rest on campus:

It’s a co-ed service fraternity.  We are not a social fraternity affiliated with PanHellenic Greek life.  We have a Greek name and Greek letters because our national founder wanted to create a foundation for an organization that would reflect the sense of belonging that fraternities promote.  Instead of focusing solely on social aspects, Alpha Phi Omega recognizes the guiding principles of leadership, friendship and service.  We believe that these three cardinal principles foster a beneficial relationship between members that also extends to their campus, the local community and the nation.

It’s open to anyone. We are a co-ed fraternity that accepts all genders.  Anyone who has a passion for service, the eagerness to create friendships and the desire to become a leader somewhere along the journey, will be welcomed into the organization with open arms.  We do not haze, we are not exclusive of our membership and we do not require any pledge or active member to partake in any activity against their will.  In the past, we have had members join the organization at the beginning of their college experience, as well near the end of their college experience as junior or seniors.

It’s a national organization.  Alpha Phi Omega is the largest co-ed service fraternity in the world, with more than 256,000 members on 687 campuses across the nation.  Members from different campuses and different states have the opportunity to meet one another throughout their time in APO.  Interested in becoming a member? Please email our Membership Vice President at, or our President at  Our officers will be able to provide more information about the pledging process and requirements for potential members.

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