Want to join APO at Gettysburg College? This is what you need to know.


Pledging is a semester-long process that new members go through to become active members of the APO brotherhood. There are two semesters of pledging each academic year: one in the fall and one in the spring. During the pledging process you will learn about the history of APO as a national organization and the history of our chapter, Iota Omicron. You will bond with your pledge class, participate in service and social events, and meet other brothers of our chapter. 

Alpha Phi Omega - Iota Omicron prohibits hazing of any sort before, during, or after the pledging process. 

How to Begin the Pledging Process

Our pledging process is non-selective, meaning it is open to any student of any class year (this includes First-Years) at Gettysburg College. 

In order to being your pledging process, we do have an application that you need to fill out and submit to our New Member Chair. This application acknowledges that you are interested in joining the brotherhood and are committed to completing the pledging process and all of its requirements.
  • The application can be acquired at any of our Rush Week events.
    • Please note is mandatory for all potential pledges to attend (1) information session.
Rush Week

We hold Rush Week once a semester, twice a year, usually during the second week of the semester. 

Look for more information about Rush Week on our Facebook page!

Pledging Requirements

To become an active brother, you must fulfill pledging requirements throughout the semester that you are pledging.

  • 20 hours of service each semester (minimum)
    • 15 hours to be completed during the pledging process
    • 5(+) hours to be completed after initiation
  • 1 hour of New Member Education meetings every Tuesday at 8pm 
  • 1 hour of APO General Brotherhood Meetings every Tuesday at 9pm

Pledging Packet:
  • Complete all New Member Education worksheets prior to the New Member Education meetings
  • Briefly interview and obtain signatures of members of your pledge class 
  • Complete the remaining fellowship points: 
    • meeting with your Pledging sponsor twice (a brother of APO)
    • attending your Pledge Class RAK, Service, and Fundraising events
    • attending all six APO family dinners or events over the semester
    • attend your checkpoint and final review board meetings with the New Member Chair
All requirements are very manageable and most are completed during the pledge meetings.  

  • $77 for your Pledging semester
  • $45 for active brothers
  • $10 for associate brothers
Scholarships are available for new members and brothers to assist with payment of dues.