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Miniblocks SPR 2015

I think we can all agree that this semesterís Miniblocks was quite a success! If you didnít go, you missed out on a great time, but lucky for you we have this Miniblocks Blog Recap. As Iím sure you already know, each semester pledges, actives, associates, and even alumni, spend the day together, bonding and playing games together during Miniblocks. This semester we had games like; the Oreo face game, Gurgling game, Magic Carpet, and Tapioca Target.

Due to the awesome Paparazzi Committee, we posted a BUNCH of pictures from the event. If you havenít checked out the pictures yet- please do! Iím sure youíll find a couple pictures of yourself, good and bad. Not only the Miniblocks pictures, but all the pictures from this semester, are a really great way to capture and remember events that weíve participated in. Now we can always look back at them!

The Miniblocks Committee did an amazing job with organizing the event this semester, so shout out to you bros! I asked JP Grousend, Head of Miniblocks, some questions, hereís what he said:

How long did it take you and your committee to organize Miniblocks this semester?

It took us about a month, I think it took us 4-5 meetings to plan it. After last semester I had a better grasp on what to expect and how do go about planning Miniblocks.

How do you come up with all the games we play? And which one was your favorite this semester?

We just brainstormed as a committee, some of the games were games that members of the committee played with their families, saw on YouTube, etc... I think my favorite game was either the gurgle singing game or the Oreo face game.

 How do you think this semesterís mini blocks turned out?

I thought it went well, I think there will always be things that I think could've been better or improved on but overall I think everyone had fun and bonded with actives, associates, pledges and alumni they may not have talked to under different circumstances. That's probably my favorite part of Miniblocks and why I wanted to run for VP of fellowship, I think it's really cool seeing people that have never talked to each other, laughing, smiling and having a good time at the end of the day.

Next I asked some pledges what they thought of their first Miniblocks experience, hereís what they said:

Eunita U:  It was an entertaining experience. I had no idea what to expect because I was only told it'd be a bunch of minute to win it games, but even then, I didn't know what kind of games to expect. I got to meet new brothers and hangout with pledges I've never got to interact with. I also learned that I am severely out of shape and warn others to work out a bit before taking part in Miniblocks.

 Justin P: The whole Miniblocks day was a worthwhile experience. Every activity that we all took part in was a great way to interact and get to know each other. In my opinion, the whole event was organized well and I'm pretty sure everyone had a good time.

Simon L: Miniblocks allowed me to spend time with my future APO bros while laughing at my fellow pledges as we fell and rose back up together.

 Alexia V: I had an amazing time at Miniblocks! I was a part of the black team. Even though we didn't win a lot we did have a lot of fun. My favorite part had to have been the humming with water in our throats, I had never done that game before and even though I was horrible at it, the Naughty Ninjas were pretty good. 11/10 I would go again!

Overall, Mini-Blocks is a great way to connect with fellow brothers, and the new pledges, especially the ones you havenít gotten to know yet. Itís safe to say weíre all looking forward to next semesterís!

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Posted by Zorgie Sanchez on March 19, 2015 at 10:20pm
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