So what is Alpha Phi Omega (APO, A-Phi-O)? It is the largest collegiate fraternity in the nation. Alpha Phi Omega is based on the three cardinal principles leadership, friendship and service!  Being a part of APO is a rewarding experience, allowing you to grow as a leader and make great friends along the way. 

Like other collegiate fraternities and sororities Alpha Phi Omega has a big/little program, paddle/jersey exchange and tons of social events to make great friends. Alpha Phi Omega is a great alternative to other greeks because we are co-ed and inclusive to all majors, we prioritize providing service to the community and as an added bonus our dues are a lot cheaper!

What is the first step? 
Get involved! We have a RUSH program at the beginning of both the fall and spring semesters. The RUSH will host a series of events for about two weeks, and it is basically an introduction into the organization. To receive a bid  (consideration for membership) you should attend one service event, one social event, and an info session. If you choose to accept, you can continue the process to joining the brotherhood.

What happens after RUSH?                                                        Next starts the pledging process. This process takes up almost the entirety of the semester. Sometimes the pledge requirements vary, but generally it remains the same semester to semester. These requirements are listed below:

Although it might seem like a lot, once you are involved, you meet your requirements in no time. Once you become initiated, you will be able to wear your Greek letters, and you will be a brother for life!

For questions regarding Rush email our Membership Vice President at or Visit our facebook page! 

Facebook: Alpha Phi Omega at UCF - Psi Omega

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