Gamma Theta


Date: Feb 22, 2019 at 4:00pm to Feb 23, 2019 at 5:00pm
Klondike is a Boy Scout event where 600 scouts engage in competitions by pushing sleds to stations in the forest, navigating by map and compass. We provide the staff for the event, which is using radios to report the scores and locations of patrols and tabulating scores, and providing search and rescue.

Why should you go:
Tons of service hours, you get to meet brothers from other chapters, its way fun, you get to play with radios in the snow, FREE food, and a warm cabin with heaters and some mattresses to sleep.

We need people as early as 12pm on Friday, all day Saturday, and you can stay Sunday to help clean up if interested. Friday we will be checking people in and preparing for Saturday. You can arrive up till about 10:00pm on Friday night.

If you can’t come till Saturday you will need to arrive at Klondike by 6:30am its about an hour and 45 min drive from Boulder. (Come Friday night!!). We will be doing service all day Saturday until about 6:30pm. There are a few inside jobs and a bunch of outside jobs. Sunday we will be cleaning up and returning home before noon.

This event requires a staff of 30-35 people, and is open to everyone in section 30.