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Extension Manager for Region and Section Chairs

Introducing the Extension Manager for APOonline. To all Region and Section Chairs, the Extension Manager will make your life tracking chartering schools much easier. You’re now able to track interested students, alumni across your region or section, and match them up to start a Prospect Group once there’s enough interest at a specific university. Then you can use the Chartering Process feature to track each requirement as you take your new Prospect Group through each phase of chartering. Let’s take a look!

Updated Dashboard

Region Dashboard

From the Region (and Section) dashboard you can quickly see a summary of your region’s (and section’s) service total, active member total, active alumni total, and other useful statistics. On the right you’ll see all the chapters and groups in your region/section as well as a way to easily create new ones.

Let’s take it for a spin, walking a day in the life of a Region Chair.

Recording New Alumni

Add Active Alumni

I just got a call from a brother moving into my region, Portland, Oregon, and is looking to volunteer! In APOonline I’ll just add their contact information and while I set up our first call. There’s no extension activity in Portland but I’ll add them just the same.

Recording New Student Interest

Prospect Group

Just our luck! A student just contacted the National Office seeking to start a chapter at Portland State! Let’s go ahead and create a Prospect Group for Portland State and add our interested student.

Whoa look at that! There’s also a Recommended Alumni section showing alumni that haven’t been assigned to a group or chapter that match the same area. This made it really easy to pair of volunteers with interested students and get this Prospect Group off the ground quickly.

I had a quick call with the Jeremy, the interested student and logged my call notes right on the Prospect Group’s page. This way anyone else who may look into the status of this extension effort or someone who may take it over has the complete history.

Chartering Process Tool

Chartering Process Tool

Now that I have my Prospect Group all set up and paired with alumni volunteers, I can track their progress through the phases of chartering with the Chartering Process Tool. Each requirement is listed and I can make notes as I complete each task and see my progress reflected in the progress bars.

Assigning Alumni

Assigning Alumni

Ensuring all of your alumni volunteers are used effectively the Active Alumni Roster shows all of your active alumni and where they are assigned (either on staff, advising a chapter, or sponsoring an extension effort). But more importantly, it also shows all of the alumni that currently don’t have a role and are ready for assignment.

Enjoy! Please Share!

I’m excited to see how you use this new Extension Manager for your regions and sections. Please let me know what you think @APOonline,, or Share this blog post if you think this would be useful for other APO staff!

APOonline featured in Business Lexington Magazine

APOonline and Tony Schmidt, founder of APOonline, were featured in the latest issue of Business Lexington Magazine. The article titled, “Online order from campus chaos,” takes a look into the history of APOonline and follows Tony’s journey as an entrepreneur.  For the full article please read it on Business Lexington’s website here:

APOonline Featured at Lexington Venture Club

Tony Schmidt and Lee ToddAPOonline was featured at the Lexington Venture Club’s January Meeting for exceptional entrepreneurship! In attendance was Lee Todd, President of the University of Kentucky, and Jim Gray, Mayor of Lexington, KY.

At this spectacular event Tony Schmidt, Founder & CEO of APOonline, was presented with this award and had a short film (link to be added when available) was shown showcasing his company. APOonline was one of two companies across all of Lexington, KY chosen to be featured at this event. APOonline was also featured in the Lexington Venture Club’s program of local companies [pdf] and highlighted as the 5Across Champion, a local entrepreneurial competition.

Tony Schmidt and Mayor Jim GrayAbout Lexington Venture Club

“Founded in 2002, the Lexington Venture Club is proud to be a catalyst by which entrepreneurs, service providers, and investors can work together to develop a strong economy in Lexington. Your involvement in the Lexington Venture Club helps to forge a bright future for this community, with the understanding that our success depends on our ability to connect great ideas with interested investors. Successful ventures result from strong personal contacts. Experience has shown that what investors and entrepreneurs need most is each other!” –Lexington Venture Club website

Rock-stars of the entrepreneurial world

Here’s the video that was presented at the event featuring APOonline’s founder, Anthony Schmidt, as an entrepreneurial rock-star:

APOonline wins 5Across!

5Across ChampionAwesome Inc., a local company designed “to establish & grow high tech, creative, and entrepreneurial companies and communities,” has just awarded APOonline the 5Across Champion! 5Across is  an entrepreneurial competition for start up companies in the Lexington, KY area to present a 5 minute, 5 slide pitch in front of a panel of 5 judges. Back in May 2010 APOonline won the semi-final competition and advanced to the final round. On December 15, 2010 Tony Schmidt with APOonline was crowned 5Across Champion!

Click here for the full article at 5Across’ official website

Calendar Filtering for Section and Region Sites

So I’ve been working on upgrading the calendar system especially for the Region and Section sites because it tends to get really crowded a confusing once a lot of chapters have their events showing. So I’ve introduced a filtering system so that you may simply click on the chapter at the top to filter them out. It’s a pretty simple feature that really goes a long way.

Also I noticed while I was adding this that the event times weren’t in order when showing multiple chapters’ events so I went ahead and fixed that too. Check it out live on the APOonline Region V Calendar!

Next feature: Email Notifications!

Welcome to APOonline’s Blog!

Welcome APOonline’s new blog! Here will be posts about new features coming to APOonline as well as release notes and more! Feel free to check back as APOonline continues to grow and provide more tools to all Alpha Phi Omega chapters!

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APOonline: Chapter Management System

APOonline is your Alpha Phi Omega chapter’s complete online management system. Track and manage service projects and member requirements all in one place. Keep records from year to year and connect with chapter around your area. is your one stop shop to all of your Alpha Phi Omega chapter’s needs.