Global Login and Site Switcher

Logging into APOonline and switching between your various APOonline sites has never been easier! We’ve added two great features to get you going quickly across all of your APOonline sites: Global Login, and Site Switcher.

Global Login

Global Login Button on HomepageA newly added ‘login’ button has been added to the top of‘s homepage. This will allow you to log in to any APOonline site you have access to. In fact, once you enter your credentials, you’ll be able to select from all the APOonline sites your connected to with one click!Global Login Site Selector

Site Switcher

Once you’re logged in, sometimes you may want to switch which APOonline site you are working with. For example if you are on Section Staff but are also a Chapter Advisor you may want to sign up for events at your local chapter, but then quickly be able to switch to you section’s APOonline site to post a new event and invite your section’s chapters to attend. To make this easy we’ve added a site switcher to the top nav drop down.

Site Switcher