APOonline v1.4.2 Released!

APOonline version 1.4.2 has just been released! Your APOonline websites have been automatically updated! See below for the full list of changes. If you are experiencing any problems please head over the the Support Center and create a support ticket. Enjoy!

Chapter Sites

  • Events now have the following visibility settings:  Chapter Only, Section, Region, or any APO chapter may view
  • Events now have the following RSVP settings: Chapter Only, Section, Region, or any APO brother may sign-up
  • Events may now be “linked” between chapters. This allows for one chapter to create an event and another to add that event to their own chapter’s calendar with their own requirement credit specific to their own chapter. For example Alpha Zeta Chapter can create an inter-section event “AZ vs. AZK Basketball”. Then the Alpha Zeta Kappa Chapter can link to that event and offer 1 Inter-Chapter Event point for all AZK attendees whereas AZ offers 1 Fellowship Event point for all of it’s attendees. Two chapters, one event.
  • Personal profile information now has privacy settings. Default to only visible by your own chapter
  • You now use your e-mail address to log into the APOonline system. Your personal e-mail address must be unique throughout the APOonline system.
  • You may list a secondary “contact” e-mail to your profile.  This may be a shared e-mail address (ex. chapter.vpservice@gmail.com)
  • Ability to set which e-mail address to send e-mail notifications
  • When registering at an APOonline website you may now link a previous APOonline account. One single universal login across all APOonline sites.
  • All chapter, sectional, regional, or national awards are now shown on your profile
  • Ability to create custom membership statuses (ex. Abroad status)
  • Ability to assign custom requirements to custom membership statuses
  • Fixed problematic apostrophes in notification e-mails
  • Added Chapter, Section, and Region Feeds. These feeds will show recent activity throughout those spheres such as brothers attending events and updating their profiles
  • Added Chapter, Section and Region Calendar. View all events throughout those areas on one calendar
  • Upgraded the filtering on calendars: Hover chapter to highlight their events. Click once to tag their events. Click again to hide their events. Click again to show them again.
  • Fixed events showing requirement credit is per shift when it’s really not
  • Upgraded Membership Statistic page to make more useful charts
  • Fixed nicknames messing up the auto complete drop down boxes
  • Event coordinators may now send mass e-mails to their event attendees
  • Added gender to profile for stats and English purposes
  • Fixed profile images not being resized. Please re-upload your profile image to make your profile page load faster
  • APOonline Billing page to view past invoices and check if your chapter owes anything. Also you may pay online from here. (PayPal payment still have to be manually approved before they will show up on this page. In the next update this process will be automatic).

Region and Section Sites

  • all of the above and…
  • New membership statistics to account for custom membership statuses
  • Ability to create Region and Section awards and give them to any brother in your region/section