APOonline Featured at Lexington Venture Club

Tony Schmidt and Lee ToddAPOonline was featured at the Lexington Venture Club’s January Meeting for exceptional entrepreneurship! In attendance was Lee Todd, President of the University of Kentucky, and Jim Gray, Mayor of Lexington, KY.

At this spectacular event Tony Schmidt, Founder & CEO of APOonline, was presented with this award and had a short film (link to be added when available) was shown showcasing his company. APOonline was one of two companies across all of Lexington, KY chosen to be featured at this event. APOonline was also featured in the Lexington Venture Club’s program of local companies [pdf] and highlighted as the 5Across Champion, a local entrepreneurial competition.

Tony Schmidt and Mayor Jim GrayAbout Lexington Venture Club

“Founded in 2002, the Lexington Venture Club is proud to be a catalyst by which entrepreneurs, service providers, and investors can work together to develop a strong economy in Lexington. Your involvement in the Lexington Venture Club helps to forge a bright future for this community, with the understanding that our success depends on our ability to connect great ideas with interested investors. Successful ventures result from strong personal contacts. Experience has shown that what investors and entrepreneurs need most is each other!” –Lexington Venture Club website

Rock-stars of the entrepreneurial world

Here’s the video that was presented at the event featuring APOonline’s founder, Anthony Schmidt, as an entrepreneurial rock-star: