APOonline v1.2.7 Released!

APOonline version 1.2.7 has just been released! Your APOonline websites have been automatically updated! See below for the full list of changes. If you are experiencing any problems please head over the theĀ Support Center and make a ticket. Enjoy!

Chapter Sites

  • Fixed: Only officers, advisors, and the big of a brother can see that brothers requirement progress from the Manage page.
  • Added: APOonline links and a link to the new APOonline Community site!!!.http://www.apoonline.org/community
  • Added: New Custom Membership Report! Generate a report containing any information in your chapter’s database including brother information and requirement progress.
  • Added: New Event Report! Generate a report containing all events and attendees.
  • Updated: Tables now highlight the current row to make view easier.
  • Added: Added reCAPTCHA to registration form to minimize spam registrations.
  • Updated: Added officer positions to My Brothers page.
  • Updated: Added individual totals to records page.
  • Updated: Fixed sign up option images.
  • Fixed: Names with apostrophes were getting incorrect dues payment values.
  • Fixed: A few day light savings time issues.
  • Fixed: Allowed variable pledge class during registration.
  • Fixed: Event Calendar being rendered off the screen.