APOonline v1.2.6 Released!

APOonline version 1.2.6 has just been released! Your APOonline websites have been automatically updated! See below for the full list of changes. If you are experiencing any problems please head over the theĀ Support Center and make a ticket. Enjoy!

Chapter Sites

  • Added: Event Date Locked: After this date attendees may no longer remove themselves from an event.
  • Added: Award Descriptions: Now you may add descriptions of your chapter awards to better pass along the tradition.
  • Added: Recurring Event Creation! You may now, upon creation of an event, set up recurring times to fill your event calendars more quickly!
  • Added: Per Event or Per Shift requirement credit for events that use shifts. Allows you to designate if a brother should receive X service hours per shift, or per event.
  • Updated: New, pretty, smart-calendars to make event creation easier.
  • Added: Ride status: When you sign up for an event you can easily indicate if you have a car and are willing to take people!
  • Updated: Cleaner sign up options panel for quick sign ups!
  • Added: Printable reports of entire chapter’s requirement progress (per requirement).
  • Update: Increased page load speed with new jQuery upgrades.
  • Update: New, pretty, smart-search text boxes making finding brothers easier.
  • Update: Filter Calendar Events: You may now filter your event calendar by what requirements it satisfies
  • Fixed: Clicking events on homepage upcoming events panel will now appear in floating iframe as intended.
  • Fixed: Logging in from the event calendar will appropriately redirect you back to the calendar.

Region & Section Sites

  • Fixed: Calendar of events now correctly sorts all events by time of event