APOonline v1.2.1 Released!

APOonline version 1.2.1 has just been released! Your APOonline websites have been automatically updated! See below for the full list of changes. If you are experiencing any problems please head over the the Support Center and make a ticket. Enjoy!

Chapter Sites
  • Fixed: Calendar not entering chosen date on Add Attendance page
  • Fixed: Calendar not closing and opening properly on IE, Safari, Firefox and Chrome.
  • New: Allow for multiple requirements for one event
  • Removed: Batch Create and Complete function. You may now simply create an event in past and add users and complete it through the Manage Event page
  • Updated: Event signup pages now use icons to more easily display information
  • Updated: Calendar no long shows popup event info if already logged in
Region & Section Sites
  • Fixed: Calendar not showing private events
  • Known Issue: Records are still broken from v1.2 release