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Why APO Matters and Why you should join - Brenden Kelly
Why you should join APO:
This question is a difficult one to answer because everyone has a different reason. Initially I planned on using APO as a platform for my resume. While I still plan to use it as such it has become a lot more than that in the brief time I have pledge with them. As I talked to many of the more senior members they revealed that many of their original brothers still keep in contact. So, to some the network is more
important than the experience gained by doing volunteering or even the fact that it is the largest student run fraternity. Regardless the relationships you make here will certainly carry you in your former most years after you’ve retired and I only hope I can continue to keep the bonds I have with not just APO but everywhere as strong as humanly possible.

Why groups like APO matter:
This question seems to have a trivial answer: to serve the community of course! One may say but besides the networking and brotherhood there is a selfish reason that many may overlook. Before you say why should I ever do something selfish in a service fraternity like Alpha Phi Omega? I implore you to at least hear me out because there is nothing wrong with being selfish, at least some of the time. This question should possibly be stated differently because community service although beneficial to the community, can be invaluable for people just getting out of college. As the population increases jobs are just going to keep getting more and more competitive. While a network is nice to keep you ahead of the competition, experience through volunteering I feel is more beneficial and definitely understated. Upon writing this I am a Junior in the Engineering Science degree here at Penn State, I just got my first
internship this year and personally that pretty pathetic, at least in my major. I just recently got an internship at University of Penn and most of my experience (besides prior job experience) came from volunteering. I don’t claim to be better than anyone else in my field but at least not getting paid and getting the skills helped open a career changing path I never thought possible at an Ivy league school.
Alpha Beta Chapter Blog - Posted by Rachel Blackburn on April 9, 2018 at 7:46pm
Most Memorable Experience in APO and my Favorite Service Event - Brenden Kelly
During my time as a pledge of APO I will likely remember the FAM/pledge retreat most fondly. The comradery was almost palpable. The experience was much like one I’ve never experience from the games, the food and the rap. I will likely never experience something like it again. This doesn’t even include the event of FAM itself as we assisted Boy Scout troops in there basic first aid training. The whole experience is one I will likely never forget so I’d like to thank all the people who made it possible. In addition, this is being written prior to the Initiation party so there is a likelihood this may change, although that’s the point. Every new experience should attempt to be more memorable than the last. If not what’s the point in making new experiences at all.

Throughout my 20 hours of service there was one of the events I always came back to and that was Scouts. Always dependable as a source of hours especially when most of the events are typically very bland. Scouts always seemed to keep me coming back. Maybe it’s the cast of colorful scouts that just really resonated with me or possibly it’s the fact I never got the chance to do Boy Scouts when I was young, it really doesn’t matter because I truly enjoy coming to it every week it’s like getting a group of friends together every week to hangout. If you’re ever on the fence try it out I didn’t think it would be for me but I’ve been to everyone since my first session.
Alpha Beta Chapter Blog - Posted by Rachel Blackburn on April 9, 2018 at 7:43pm
Courney Kay:

One of my favorite events during the year is Scouts. In APO, we have our own boy scout troop for disabled adults that we run. It makes me so happy to be able to help them earn their badges. For example last week we finished their music badge. With that, they got to listen to live music and experience it, try out and learn about all the different instruments, and also learn about concepts such as stealing other people's ideas and how to share. All these aspects go into a badge and represent the values and lessons t! hat we want to teach them. The values of boy scouts means so much to then and us, and it is really cool to be able to share those values together and build on them. As you go more often, you get to know the scouts better. They hug you or shake your hand when you walk in, and know you by name just as you do for them. This is such a good opportunity to get to know their personalities, who they are, and what they like/don’t like. Even when I am having a difficult or bad week, I know that going to scouts always puts a smile on my face. It is an hour to forget about yourself and your busy life, and take a step outside to interact with others. It is a time to be selfless and enjoy watching these scouts step out of their comfort zone and learn together. To see them learn new skills, grow on old skills, and work together is so rewarding. I think that scouts is one of the most valuable things that APO does, and that it is something that everyone should have the opportunity to be i! nvolved in.

Alpha Beta Chapter Blog - Posted by Dominique Martino on November 6, 2017 at 7:30pm
Pets Come First

I joined APO to meet new people and contribute in the community of State College. It was an easy way to meet friends and to make sure that my time at Penn State was spent in a useful way. While we help a variety of people, from the elderly to students at Penn State, my favorite event has to be Pets Come First. Pets Come First is a local animal shelter that takes in stray and abandoned cats and dogs. They take care of these animals by providing them with food and shelter. In addition, they also hold events that are meant to inspire people to adopt them. I’ve been to Pets Come First a few times since joining APO and it’s honestly one of the best memories I have at Penn State. As a volunteer, we help the employees of Pets Come First in any way we possibly can. The first time I went, we cleaned out the cages of the dogs and cats in the facility. Pets Come First has a kitten room where the kittens are allowed to walk around as they please. As part of volunteering, we had to feed them and to make sure the room was clean enough for the kittens to live comfortably. In addition to this, we were also able to spend some time playing with them. Afterwards, we were allowed to walk the dogs around the area. A lot of these dogs don’t get the opportunity to go on walks because of how busy the employees of the facility are. Seeing how grateful the employees are that we are there to help makes an already fun experience even more awesome.

Alpha Beta Chapter Blog - Posted by Kira Vander Lippe on January 12, 2017 at 4:25pm
Recruitment Full-Circle
One of my favorite parts of being in Alpha Phi Omega was getting to be recruitment chair this past semester with my best friend, Rachel. As recruitment chairs, we held information sessions, flyered, answered emails, and encouraged people to find out more about our fraternity. It was crazy to think that just last spring, I was listening to the other people telling me about Alpha Phi Omega and now I was the one running the information sessions! I met so many amazing people at our sessions that I can now happily call my new brothers. Being involved on the executive board and having this opportunity to talk to new and interested members is a unique and satisfying opportunity. It is bittersweet having to transition new brothers to this position, but I know they will do a phenomenal job!
Alpha Beta Chapter Blog - Posted by Kira Vander Lippe on January 12, 2017 at 4:22pm
APO Elections

My name is Megan, and I’m a junior who pledged APO in Fall 2014. The past few weeks, I was very happy to see spirited elections happen across the board in both exec and voting exec elections.  Every election was contested, for the first time I can remember since joining.  I was super excited to see such enthusiasm among the brotherhood, and especially happy that so many pledges decided to run for positions as neophytes.  Being on exec during my neophyte semester helped me become more involved in the fraternity and Penn State during my freshman year, and I hope it can have the same effect for the new members who have taken on positions.  I know that the new executive board will do some fantastic things to advance our fraternity and the service we provide, and I look forward to seeing all of the things they accomplish within the coming months.

Alpha Beta Chapter Blog - Posted by Kira Vander Lippe on January 12, 2017 at 4:21pm
Involvement Fair Madness

My name is Karan and I am a neophyte in Alpha Phi Omega. I did not know I would be volunteering for APO on the day of the involvement fair; honestly I did not even think I would be going in the first place. I had seen the messages previously but had not paid them much thought due to my schedule. After class, I saw the event on the HUB lawn and felt surprised and a bit overwhelmed as last year it had been held indoors, over a few days, at a much smaller scale. When I reached the event I immediately began searching through the 700 or so organizations for the ones I was in. When I found APO, it was understaffed so I decided to help in the spirit of service. At the involvement fair I spoke to over 100 people passing by and told many of them about the benefits of the organization as well as how much fun it is. Although many others came, we all worked hard and helped bolster our recruitment numbers. The involvement fair allowed me not only to get service hours, but helped me re-vitalize my need and devotion to service, which I love as a quality and enjoy immensely in APO. Now with the hopes of contributing to the community I attempt to continue my hopes of doing good in the many ways possible here in APO.

Alpha Beta Chapter Blog - Posted by Kira Vander Lippe on October 25, 2016 at 4:36pm
Proud to Pledge APO
My name is Victoria and I am currently a junior at Penn State and a pledge in Alpha Phi Omega. I am happy that I decided to pledge APO. My older brother was a brother at Penn State and told me I should do it. I followed his advice and I am grateful that I did. I love volunteering and meeting new people, so this fraternity is the perfect fit for me! Im making lots of new friends too! Fact: As long as I have a brother, I will always have a friend. I really enjoy working with Troop #339 every Thursday night. It is such a rewarding experience and working with the scouts is a lot of fun. When we cover a new topic each week, I find myself learning something as well. I am really excited about future service events as well. This is only the first chapter of being in Alpha Phi Omega and I am looking forward to see what the rest of the story tells.
Alpha Beta Chapter Blog - Posted by Kira Vander Lippe on October 3, 2016 at 9:34pm