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About Us

We are Leaders, We are Friends, and We are of Service. We are the Alpha Alpha Chapter of ΑΦΩ, and we have been serving the Champaign-Urbana community since 1932.

Need more information? Visit our website: APO-AA.org

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Questions? Email us at communications.apo.aa@gmail.com

Need Volunteers?? Email our Service VPs Param and Esha at service.apo.aa@gmail.com

Upcoming Events

Sunday, Sep 25th
11:15am Cub Scout Fun Day [PLEDGE SIGN-UP]
11:15am Cub Scout Fun Day [ACTIVE SIGN-UP]
12:30pm Red Bison
1:00pm CATSNAP 2016 Pet Fair Extravaganza Shift 2
1:15pm Clark-Lindsay Retirement Village
2:30pm SHARE Horse Rehab