Pledge Class Namesakes

A pledge class is indeed a very special and important part of Alpha Phi Omega. Pledges are the fraternity's lifeblood and future. It is therefore fitting that each pledge class be named specifically for those who have meant a great deal to the fraternity. Each Spring semester, the pledge class namesake is selected by Lambda Omicron upon recommendations from chapter members and the Alumni Secretary. The Fall pledge class namesake is chosen by the National Board of Directors.


Loren pledged in Spring 1999 and became an advisor shortly after graduating. Loren has always been an outstanding mediator for the chapter; he is at his best when others are at their worst. Loren has been great at helping the chapter solve interpersonal issues and eliminate drama to put the goals of APO ahead of selfish aims. He has served as an advisor for well over 10 years, and has been to nearly every advisory board meeting during that time. Loren is an outstanding example example of Leadership, Friendship and Service, as shown by his receiving a DSK in Fall 2003. Loren is always willing to step up and help the chapter, including activation and other chapter needs, even as his life outside of APO has gotten increasingly busy. 


Fall 2018 - Paul Louie
Spring 2018 - Joe Hayes
Fall 2017 - Dale Penny
Spring 2017 - Sid Whitacre
Fall 2016 - Dr. Fred Heismeyer
Spring 2016 - Heather Stewart
Fall 2015 - Phil Pfeffer
Spring 2015- Eric Perkuhn
Fall 2014- Kay Hairgrove Krenek
Spring 2014- Brian Tolka
Fall 2013- David Emery
Spring 2013- Bridget Skidmore
Fall 2012- Maura Harty
Spring 2012- Mark Skidmore
Fall 2011- Charles P. Zlatkovich
Spring 2011- Brad Barnett
Fall 2010- James Chandler
Spring 2010- Rob Williams
Fall 2009- Jack A. McKenzie
Spring 2009- Sekhar Mamidi
Fall 2008- Wilfred M. Krenek
Spring 2008- Dave Keely
Fall 2007- John C. "Jack" Jadel
Spring 2007- Erin Blake
Fall 2006- Kate Farrell Westlake
Spring 2006- Rich Schlameuss
Fall 2005- Jerry Schroeder
Spring 2005- Keith Roessing
Fall 2004- Sec. Togo West
Spring 2004- Barbara Harmon Schamberger
Fall 2003- Ray Hancock
Spring 2003- Dr. Keith Garbutt
Fall 2002- George Dacy
Spring 2002- Akihide Mizutani
Fall 2001- Robert Hilliard
Spring 2001- Beth Sprague
Fall 2000- Bob Barkhurst
Spring 2000- Chip Shepherd
Fall 1999- Stan Carpenter
Spring 1999- Ed Torisky
Fall 1998- Joseph Kuchta
Spring 1998- Jerome C. Harriston
Fall 1997- Fr. William T. Cunningham
Spring 1997- Connie Torisky
Fall 1996- Thomas H. Kean
Spring 1996- Corey Farris
Fall 1995- Philip Prince
Spring 1995- Dr. James D. Mooney
Fall 1994- Alex Lewandowski
Spring 1994- Mary Ann Fusco
Fall 1993- Earle Herbert
Fall 1992- Joseph Scanlon
Fall 1991- Kenneth McDiffett
Fall 1990- Lorin Jurvis
Fall 1989- Carl Long
Fall 1988- Warren Luzadder
Spring 1988- Mark D. Williams
Fall 1987- Paul Arend
Fall 1986- James Dean
Fall 1985- Phyllis Tenney
Spring 1985- Barbara E. Puckett
Fall 1984- Irwin Gerst
Spring 1984- G. Corey Farris
Fall 1983- R. L. Brittain
Spring 1983- Kevin S. Mallison
Fall 1982- George Cahill
Spring 1982- Keith Roessing
Fall 1981- Lawrence Hirsch
Spring 1981- Daniel A. Torisky
Fall 1980- Marion Disborough
Spring 1980- Joseph C. Gluck
Fall 1979- Howard Patton
Spring 1979- Dr. Fred Heismeyer
Fall 1978- Lewis Jones
Spring 1978- Dr. James E. Dowdy
Fall 1977- Life Members
Spring 1977- Dr. James G. Harlow
Fall 1976- Lucius Young
Spring 1976- Dr. LeRoy H. Saxe, Jr.
Fall 1975- Joseph Scanlon
Fall 1974- H Roe Bartle
Fall 1973- J Franklin
Spring 1973- Kathirene R Jamison
Fall 1972- Aubrey Hamilton
Fall 1971- Glen Nygreen
Fall 1970- Sidney North
Spring 1970- Kenneth K. Humphreys
Spring 1969- Dr. Damon C. Shelton
Fall 1969- E Ross Forman
Fall 1968- Tom Galt
Fall 1967- James Lovell
Fall 1966- Frank Horton
Fall 1965- Lester Steig
Fall 1964- Herbert Horton
Fall 1963- Arno Nowotny
Fall 1962- H Roe Bartle
Fall 1961- John Kennedy
Fall 1960- Joseph Bruton, Jr.
Fall 1959- Arthur Schuck
Fall 1958- Albert Schweitzer
Fall 1957- Robert Baden-Powell
Fall 1956- Carlos Romulo
Fall 1955- Dwight Eisenhower
Fall 1954- Daniel Uyl
Fall 1953- James Leedom
Fall 1952- Arno Nowotny
Fall 1951- Ray Wyland
Fall 1950- Founders
Fall 1949- James West
Fall 1948- Memorial
Fall 1947- J Edgar Hoover
Fall 1946- H Roe Bartle