Global Login and Site Switcher

Logging into APOonline and switching between your various APOonline sites has never been easier! We’ve added two great features to get you going quickly across all of your APOonline sites: Global Login, and Site Switcher.

Global Login

Global Login Button on HomepageA newly added ‘login’ button has been added to the top of‘s homepage. This will allow you to log in to any APOonline site you have access to. In fact, once you enter your credentials, you’ll be able to select from all the APOonline sites your connected to with one click!Global Login Site Selector

Site Switcher

Once you’re logged in, sometimes you may want to switch which APOonline site you are working with. For example if you are on Section Staff but are also a Chapter Advisor you may want to sign up for events at your local chapter, but then quickly be able to switch to you section’s APOonline site to post a new event and invite your section’s chapters to attend. To make this easy we’ve added a site switcher to the top nav drop down.

Site Switcher

Event Enhancements

Over the past few weeks we’ve been adding more capabilities to events to allow you even more control over the events your chapter hosts. There are two key enhancements: allow sign-ups starting on a specific date, and a second coordinator position.

Event Create Form EnhancementsAllow sign-ups starting on a specific date

This new capability will allow you to create events far in advance but block members from signing up until the designated date. By default it will be set to today so you don’t have to change this value if you don’t want to use this capability.

Second coordinator position

Some chapters are so large that it takes two to run an event. We’ve added a second coordinator position so that you can designate two people to have full privileges over this single event which allows these members the ability to edit, delete, or even complete this event awarding out requirement credit.

APOonline v2.0: Quick Setup

APOonline Quick Setup

New to APOonline? Don’t worry! I know there’s a lot of features and lots to customize so we’ve added a Quick Setup box to all new chapter sites so that you can easily customize your chapter’s site to match your chapter’s By-Laws. Every chapter is different so APOonline allows you to completely customize just about anything on the site to ensure that your chapter has no issues moving from your previous online or offline system.

Step through this nine step process and your chapter’s site will have all of it’s officers, requirements, dues, contact info, everything needed to get your chapter’s new website up off the ground!

APOonline v2.0: Achievements & Leaderboards


Dear APOonline Community and Brothers,

Happy New Year! It’s 2013 and with the start of a new year comes new adventures for Alpha Phi Omega and APOonline! 2012 was a very exciting year and the National Convention was a blast!

Firstly I would like to take the time to thank all of you for using APOonline and fueling it to grow, reaching over a third of the entire fraternity! The APOonline community is strong and I’m very thankful to be of service to each of you. In the beginning, I created APOonline to help my very own chapter, Alpha Zeta Chapter at the University of Kentucky, become more efficient and reduce paperwork so that we can all focus more time on what really matters: service. I’m happy to announce that since the introduction of APOonline, APO chapters have logged over 300,000 hours of community service! Congratulations to you all!

Moving forward, APOonline will face challenges from time to time, from within the fraternity as well as externally. If you were in attendance at the National Convention you heard about a challenge from both: YouTopia. This is an exciting time for APO to grow as we move into the technology age of our fraternity together. As founder of APOonline, I approach this challenge with excitement and as an opportunity to continue to provide the best service for my brothers.



In order to invest all of the resources, both in time and money, the national executive committee has devoted to YouTopia, I am sure they have done extensive research to conclude that you as brothers of APO need a tool to manage achievements. I did not find such results from my internal research of APO brothers: Gamification is great, but what I learned from brothers is that we do not do service to get a badges or points, we do it because we love service, we love giving back, and we love providing a helping hand for those in need. We do service because we love to serve. APOonline is designed from the ground up to help chapters do exactly this, and make the other “stuff” like records and paperwork simple and quick so that you can get back to what you love to do: serve.



But if our fraternity executives believe that gamification of service is in fact needed by the APO community, then APOonline will deliver. Live today is a fully featured achievement system integrated into the chapter management system that you know and love! Leaderboards and Top Brothers have been in place for years but they have been improved and extended so you can see how you match up with your chapter, section, region, or even the entire nation!





If there is a need in the APO community, APOonline will be there to serve your chapter. Thank you for your commitment to APOonline. As an added bonus for your dedication to the APOonline cause, I would like to publically announce that APOonline will have a mobile site! Beta testing will be available to a selection of APOonline’s oldest chapters in the spring and general availability will be ready for the fall semester.

Again, thank you for your continued commitment to APOonline! Click here to see all features available with APOonline versus other chapter management systems.


Tony Schmidt
APOonline Founder

APOonline v2.0: Petitioning Groups

APOonlinev2CharterProcessIntroducing “Charter Progress” feature! Are you trying to start a new petitioning group of Alpha Phi Omega? If so you should think about starting a FREE APOonline for Interest and Petitioning Group site! APOonline offers this service for free for the entire time you are working toward chartering.

This new feature gives you a tool to track your progress as you move toward chartering or rechartering your group! Watch your progress and record your steps. Once you are done you can send your notes to your section and/or region chair so that they can approve your progress!

Click here to learn more about starting an APOonline for Interest/Petitioning Groups site


APOonline v2.0: Messaging


New to APOonline, messaging! You can now send message to anyone in the APOonline community! From any brother’s profile simply click, Send Message. If you wish to find brothers from other chapters simply choose “View Chapters” from the “Brothers” menu drop down. Find their chapter, then click view brothers. To find someone in your own chapter, simply type their name in the search box from any page!

Find me and send me a message! Alpha Zeta Chapter > Anthony Schmidt

APOonline v2.0


Version 2.0 is out! APOonline has been completely redesigned to take advantage of wider-screen monitors moving from 600 pixels wide to 1000 pixels! With the new wide layout comes new calendar and table views which will make reviewing larger chapter data much more easy!

Also added are notifications! Whenever you receive credit for attending an event you will receive an email as well as a notification in the upper right hand corner!

Over time more features will be redesigned for the new wide layout making APOonline more accessible to everyone! Enjoy!

Click here to view a full photo album of the new redesign!


APOonline moves to rolling releases

As you may have noticed there have not been any new release notes posted to this blog. The reason is that APOonline has moved to a rolling release development model. Thanks to a structural change from the last server upgrade APOonline is able to more quickly bring you new features without interrupting your daily use of APOonline. Any large improvements will still be noted here but every bug fix or new feature will no longer be documented here. Thank you for using APOonline!

APOonline v1.4.2 Released!

APOonline version 1.4.2 has just been released! Your APOonline websites have been automatically updated! See below for the full list of changes. If you are experiencing any problems please head over the the Support Center and create a support ticket. Enjoy!

Chapter Sites

  • Events now have the following visibility settings:  Chapter Only, Section, Region, or any APO chapter may view
  • Events now have the following RSVP settings: Chapter Only, Section, Region, or any APO brother may sign-up
  • Events may now be “linked” between chapters. This allows for one chapter to create an event and another to add that event to their own chapter’s calendar with their own requirement credit specific to their own chapter. For example Alpha Zeta Chapter can create an inter-section event “AZ vs. AZK Basketball”. Then the Alpha Zeta Kappa Chapter can link to that event and offer 1 Inter-Chapter Event point for all AZK attendees whereas AZ offers 1 Fellowship Event point for all of it’s attendees. Two chapters, one event.
  • Personal profile information now has privacy settings. Default to only visible by your own chapter
  • You now use your e-mail address to log into the APOonline system. Your personal e-mail address must be unique throughout the APOonline system.
  • You may list a secondary “contact” e-mail to your profile.  This may be a shared e-mail address (ex.
  • Ability to set which e-mail address to send e-mail notifications
  • When registering at an APOonline website you may now link a previous APOonline account. One single universal login across all APOonline sites.
  • All chapter, sectional, regional, or national awards are now shown on your profile
  • Ability to create custom membership statuses (ex. Abroad status)
  • Ability to assign custom requirements to custom membership statuses
  • Fixed problematic apostrophes in notification e-mails
  • Added Chapter, Section, and Region Feeds. These feeds will show recent activity throughout those spheres such as brothers attending events and updating their profiles
  • Added Chapter, Section and Region Calendar. View all events throughout those areas on one calendar
  • Upgraded the filtering on calendars: Hover chapter to highlight their events. Click once to tag their events. Click again to hide their events. Click again to show them again.
  • Fixed events showing requirement credit is per shift when it’s really not
  • Upgraded Membership Statistic page to make more useful charts
  • Fixed nicknames messing up the auto complete drop down boxes
  • Event coordinators may now send mass e-mails to their event attendees
  • Added gender to profile for stats and English purposes
  • Fixed profile images not being resized. Please re-upload your profile image to make your profile page load faster
  • APOonline Billing page to view past invoices and check if your chapter owes anything. Also you may pay online from here. (PayPal payment still have to be manually approved before they will show up on this page. In the next update this process will be automatic).

Region and Section Sites

  • all of the above and…
  • New membership statistics to account for custom membership statuses
  • Ability to create Region and Section awards and give them to any brother in your region/section

APOonline v1.3.2 Released!

APOonline version 1.3.2 has just been released! Your APOonline websites have been automatically updated! See below for the full list of changes. If you are experiencing any problems please head over the the Support Center and create a support ticket. Enjoy!

Chapter Sites

  • Updated: Profile now suggests majors that are similar to your brothers (eliminate ‘Biology’ & ‘Biology Major’ duplications)
  • Updated: Profile now forces the ‘Fall 2002’ style input (to allow for better statistics)
  • Added: Chapter Family/Group Manager. You may now appoint an officer to manage the families/groups within the chapter and move people around or into families/groups.
  • Added: Updating your own family/group information is now disallowed by default. To allow change the option on the Brother Privileges configuration page.